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So you have just recorded your song at home and its feeling great but not sounding as great as you would like it to sound. This is where we come in!!


Firstly, lets get to mixing your song. Send us your separate audio files from your

project and we will apply compression, eq, reverb, delays and so much more to make the song sound great. We use a whole host of plugins including Universal Audio, Waves, FabFilter, Native instruments and more. Now that your song is mixed whats next? This is where mastering comes in!!

Once your song is mixed you will have one stereo file and now its time to get your mixed stereo file to sound good across all platforms and at a commercial volume. This is where mastering comes in. We will get your track to a solid and loud volume, while making it sound good across all yours and your listeners platforms. 


Now that you've mixed and mastered your song professionally it's time to get your ISRC code (International Standard Recording Code) embedded. We can help you with this as well.  

Audio Listening Devices


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