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Welcome to virtual mixing

The Hit Lab has recently introduced its new addition to the website called VIRTUAL MIXING. With Virtual Mixing, you can now get your music Mixed from anywhere In the world.


What is Mixing?

Mixing is where the engineer takes all the separate audio files you have recorded and applies various techniques like EQ, Panning, Compression, and much more to make the track sound complete and unified. The idea around mixing is that it is applied to give the listener the best experience when hearing your music. Any good mix engineer would say it’s not their mix, it’s the client's mix that they are bringing to life. Our engineer's objective is to make sure you, as the client, listen to your music and feel like it is your own. Often engineers make the mix sound the way they would want to hear it but come into difficulties when the client doesn’t like it so, our engineers will make every effort to communicate with the client beforehand and try find out exactly what the client is wanting to hear and from there the engineer can get to work and apply all the said techniques to your track and get to the best possible outcome.

We highly recommend that the client sends the track off to mastering once the song has been mixed to completion. The mixing and mastering process is separate but the engineers do work hand in hand to achieve the best possible outcome with your music.


What is mastering?

Mastering is when the engineer applies various techniques to get the song ready for distribution. These techniques include leveling, EQ, compression, limiting, and much more. These processes are applied to a final mixed stereo file received from the mixing engineer.


Although The Hit Lab doesn’t do mastering at our location, we do outsource to some of the best mastering engineers in the world

Should you require mastering please feel free to contact us on the bookings page



How does VIRTUAL MIXING work?

Step 1: Select the SERVICE of your choice

Step 2: Proceed to checkout

Step 3: Our assistant will contact you regarding the upload of your files and take any requests or needs for your project.



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